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~Maple Bark Candy~

Maple Bark Tin

Our maple bark is available in three classic flavors (dark, milk and white chocolate) along with seasonal varieties to complement festivities throughout the year.

Our maple barks are the perfect infusion of maple and chocolate, crafted in small batches, incorporating gourmet chocolate, pure maple sugar and pure maple candy.

Maple Bark Candy

The result is a deliciously sweet, traditional bark with a delightful maple twist.

Treat yourself to a tin or give one to someone you love. Enjoy!

Small Batch. Old Fashioned. Real Maple.

Dark Chocolate Maple Bark
~Dark Chocolate Maple Bark- 14oz Tin~

This one is for all of you dark chocolate lovers out there! Delicious gourmet dark chocolate that could be enjoyed all alone is infused with pure maple sugar and pure maple candy chips. This is our family favorite and one of those products that puts us at risk with eating all the profits!

~USPS Priority Mail $6.99~

Milk Chocolate Maple Bark
~Milk Chocolate Maple Bark- 14oz Tin~

With a slightly less bold taste then the dark chocolate, the Milk Chocolate Maple Bark is a perfect combination of chocolate and maple. Niether one overpowers the other leaving you with the wonderful sweet of gourmet milk chocolate and maple sugar.

~USPS Priority Mail $6.99~

White Chocolate Maple Bark
~White Chocolate Maple Bark- 14oz Tin~

Our White Chocolate Maple Bark is an addictive combination of gourmet white chocolate and maple. The subtle sweet of the white chocolate perfectly complements the all natural sweet maple sugar and candy chips.

~USPS Priority Mail $6.99~

Peppermint Bark
~Peppermint Bark- 14oz Tin~

For chocolate and mint lovers this is the ultimate candy combination! This classic holiday treat will make your mouth water and leave your taste buds satisfied. Enjoy!

~USPS Priority Mail $6.99~

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