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~Maple Bark Candy~

Maple Bark Candy

Our certified organic maple bark is available in four classic flavors, dark, bittersweet, milk and white chocolate, along with seasonal varieties to complement festivities throughout the year.

We source the finest fair trade certified organic chocolate and infuse it with Vermont's finest organic pure maple to bring you an absolutely amazing and unforgettable candy confection. All of our bark candy is made fresh to order, packaged in a beautiful black and gold gift box and shipped air mail for your immediate enjoyment.

Small Batch. Old Fashioned. Real Maple.

Dark Chocolate Maple Bark
~Organic Dark Chocolate Maple Bark~
14oz Gift Box

Dark Chocolate Maple Bark Candy is forged out of 65% Cocoa Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate and infused with the finest Organic Pure Maple Sugar that Vermont has to offer. It's bold, with only a hint of sweet maple that smooth out the bitter of dark chocolate.

Dark Bittersweet Maple Bark
~Organic Bittersweet Choc. Maple Bark~
14oz Gift Box

This one is for those of you who like dark chocolate, but also have a sweet tooth. It's made out of 32% Cocoa Organic Fair Trade Bittersweet Chocolate and infused with Organic Vermont Pure Maple Sugar. It's the perfect blend of bitter and sweet, just right for everyone.

Milk Chocolate Maple Bark
~Organic Milk Chocolate Maple Bark~
14oz Gift Box

We've imported the smoothest Organic Fair Trade Belgian Milk Chocolate that we could find and infused it with Organic Pure Maple Sugar. The taste is sweet and creamy and amazing, and will delight any chocolate connoisseur.

White Chocolate Maple Bark
~Organic White Chocolate Maple Bark~
14oz Gift Box

We searched far and wide for the creamiest Organic White Chocolate we could find and infused it with the finest Organic Pure Maple Sugar that Vermont has to offer. It's like a maple milk shake, but even better.

Peppermint Bark
~Peppermint Bark~
14oz Gift Box

First, we infuse 65% cocoa organic fair trade dark chocolate with a strong organic peppermint extract. Then we layer on an amazing creamy organic white chocolate with subtle hints of vanilla, before finally topping it with a thick layer of crushed candy canes.

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